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To continuously inspire our clients is something we find incredibly enjoyable, it is also pretty challenging. Especially when working with a well thought out and confident brand like Bastard Burgers. In order to pitch ideas or designs that their marketing team hasn’t already thought of we really need to be on our toes. Another challenge we constantly try to approach in creative ways is that the end goal is ALWAYS going to be very analogue – actually buy a burger. Finding creative digital solutions in how to support that end goal ensures things never get boring!


Outside perspectives, data-driven insights, and a little lack of respect for internal politics goes a long way when creating new ideas for a big, bold brand.


A strong core team, a tight-knit relationship with Bastard Burgers and an open door policy when it comes to pitching ideas. Having a strong core team across agency borders is another part of a sustainable solution, being able to work with insights from all parts of the works we do is not only great for Bastard burgers, but also builds relationship within PPP – win/win for all! Taking turns paying for lunch and dinners is also an effective way to come up with new ideas together.


Since we started working with Bastard Burgers they have opened 40+ new restaurants in Sweden, Norway, Finland and New York City. We’ve also introduced more channels into the mix and now work with plattforms such as TikTok and Snapchat on the regular. With such immense growth our main mission has been to maintain brand identity and making sure everyone involved is acting Like a Bastard.

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