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An agency network with all the muscles and brains. But owned and run by the people who do the work. Not controlled from the top down. Instead built from the bottom up. Today we got offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Tromsø, London, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Malmö, Halmstad, Luleå, Skellefteå & Piteå, but we’re constantly expanding.


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Creating things people can love

We broke free to build a new community of creative agencies from the ground up. With more than 350 experts under one roof, we share the same vision to create things that people can love.

An agency network owned by the people who do the job

People People People is a growing home for agencies across the Nordics. You probably got into this because you love what you do. Unfortunately, running a business is often about a lot of other stuff too. That is why we’re here, to make running an agency as smooth as possible. From the handling of finances to freelance resources, we’re building a system that frees up the time and minds of our people. So you can focus on what you love and make that love grow.

In other words, we leave the creative stuff to the creatives and focus on building the best environment for that to flourish: Turning great consultancies into great businesses.

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We’re a group of strategists, creatives, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, techies and storytellers who obsess over every last detail in our individual trades. So that no matter what your opportunities and challenges are, we can pull off the impossible; providing both specialization and scale at the same time.



A strategic and creative agency that crafts, distributes and measures content by telling true stories about real people. Spoon lives by the idea that reality beats fiction, which is why they use editorial methods to create content that engages, converts, and builds brands.

Oh my

In need of a new website or identity? Oh My is a full service powerhouse that masters all types of digital production and programming. In close collaboration with their clients, they build Brand Momentum - a holistic marketing approach and ability to hatch clever ideas that engage and bridge all parts of the customer journey.


For all things in motion, Gabardin is the place to go. A motion design and production agency, they create, animate and produce everything from interviews, educational films and animated logos to commercials, live broadcasts and unique TV formats.


Proclaimed content distribution scientists, Trickle’s philosophy is a finely tuned instrument that soars through the frantic noise of cluttered feeds. Contrary to “spraying and praying”, they trickle through the cracks by finding just the right interplay between content, channel, message, timing and audience.

The Domain Was Taken

We are an Inbound Marketing agency. We focus on growing and optimizing our clients traffic and leads without spending money on media. We do Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Insights, Tracking & Measurement, CRM & Market Automation.


SBC is a behavioral communication agency specialized in training and change consultancy. Experts in understanding how context and behavior inform our communication decisions and responses, they use behavioral science to create strategies and stories that inspire action.


Post is an advertising agency that knows that people hate bad advertising. Which is why their ideas always take on new creative heights - even for the most complex of challenges. The outcome? Beautiful, fun, innovative and useful. In order words: advertising that people can like. Or maybe even love.


Fuze is a communication agency with deep expertise in Public Relations, crisis management and content. They know how to navigate the media logic to help companies and people cut through the noise in deserved channels.


KIT is your one-stop-shop for all things social media. With extensive experience in both organic and sponsored content, KIT educates and helps companies improve relationships with their target groups. Together they increase awareness, loyalty and conversions. 


Kreng are e-commerce connoisseurs. They love being responsible for everything from strategic advice to platform selection, technical implementation and design.


HIROY, your go-to recruitment and talent agency for digital marketing consultants. We are committed to helping you find the perfect match for your digital marketing needs, whether it’s for short-term projects or long-term hires.


Outlier is a creative strategy agency. We help clients develop or refine their brands to drive effectiveness in communications.


Rodolfo is an award winning creative agency making brands relevant using human behaviors, cultural phenomena and creativity.

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You probably got into this because you love what you do. Unfortunately, running a business is often about a lot of other stuff too. We’re here to help you with that. So you can focus on what you love and make that love grow.

What we offer our companies is built to produce freedom, focus and growth.

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