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On behalf of the Swedish state, SOS Alarm is responsible for the emergency number 112 and has a central role in society’s crisis preparedness. Their vision is a safer Sweden for everyone. A large part of the company’s business is also based on offering security services on the B2B market. SOS Alarm was in due for a communication strategy that would showcase their importance both in social media presence, campaigns and in PR events. Establishing SOS Alarm recognition beyond their primary users and affirming them as first hand choice in the B2B sector


The research shows that the safety and security market is rapidly changing because of new technologies. This brings new chances to meet customer needs, but also higher expectations for industry players. It’s clear that only looking at today’s options and challenges could lead to problems in the future. That’s why SOS Alarm, which is already established, should work closely with companies in the field. This pathway makes it easier to meet both current and future customer needs by collaborating. This not only guides them through changes but also helps business and growth. This approach helps navigate the evolving landscape and facilitates an effective path to a safer Sweden, with SOS Alarm


The mission consists of providing strategic advice and support in communication matters. That means producing content for all of SOS Alarm’s channels. Planning campaigns and being a proactive resource for SOS Alarms in-house editorial team was vital. The campaigns revolve around a central theme or message that aligns with the brand’s values, positioning, and overall marketing objectives. Another key part was to make the website more user friendly overall. Optimizing landing pages, forms, and calls-to-action to encourage website visitors to take desired actions, such as subscribing, downloading content, or making a purchase.


Spoon – insights, project management and concept and content production
OhMy – campaign site design
Trickle – distribution
Gabardin – video production

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