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GlobalConnect strives to be the leading supplier of fiber-optic data communication and data centers to companies, municipalities and authorities in Northern Europe. They turned to us for expert help on finding their online voice to leverage it towards building a credible, consistent media presence. Their goal was to increase brand awareness and customer trust, getting more households to sign up for fiber-optics.


Through our research we found that the main reason why customers choose not to buy products and services from GlobalConnect is simply because they’re not familiar with the brand.


To reach their primary target audiences (the general public, the media and politicians) we worked with an always-on PR strategy. This consisted of monitoring the news flow 24/7 to look for opportunities to speak out on issues such as, overload attacks, IT security risks and other IT-related problems. Simultaneously, the company CEO’s online voice and presence was amplified to speak out on matters related to the digitization of Sweden, and the need to expand its digital infrastructure in the country to attract investments and establishments by global tech giants. 

One example of this is placing the expansion of the so-called “digital E4 highway” – a completely new stretch of fiber-optics from Berlin all the way up to Haparanda in northern Sweden – in the media spotlight. We crafted the concept, campaign content and website, including a rigorous PR strategy to gain the right traction.


The PR strategy, coupled with the messaging and effective marketing automation has proven significant results, locally as well as nationally. From 2020 to 2021, the number of proactive articles for GlobalConnect increased by 264 percent.


Fuze PR – PR strategy, concept and content

Trickle – Distribution

The Domain Was Taken – Marketing automation 

Spoon – Production of campaign film, copy and translations

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