Little things, big difference



After a year with unusually few marketing activities, Preem found itself in need of being in the spotlight again. We were commissioned to run an omni-channel brand campaign aiming to reverse the negative trend of lost advertising revenue and reduced brand awareness.


The two insights that we paid close attention to for the creation of this campaign was: 1) Preem’s target group wants to make the right choice, and 2) the environment and sustainability are important for both Preem and their target audience.


We developed a creative idea, concept and messages for a campaign called, “Little Things, Big Difference”. The core of the idea was a hidden camera setup with former skier and Olympic gold medalist, Gunde Svan, surprising visitors at a Preem station with facts relating to driving and car ownership. 

Because we filmed during the pandemic, it was important for us to find a concept that would not feel dated post-pandemic, while still maintaining a safe social distance on set. We solved this by letting Gunde communicate through signage with short but engaging messages.


The content surpassed all expectations. Although this was an awareness campaign, we were surprised to see how many clicks the website got from YouTube. The campaign had a click-through rate of 0.20% – well above the benchmark (0,02%). 

Most importantly, the campaign managed to turn the negative trend toward the knowledge and brand into a positive one. We conducted a YouTube brand-attitude study after the campaign, which showed a positive-brand-value increase of over 10% (benchmark 7%). The Preem brand funnel showed that the unaided brand awareness, which had decreased by 4% to 58% in the beginning of the year, increased by 2% to 60% after the campaign. 

CPM: 32.05 SEK
Impressions: 3 120 494
Avg. completion rate on Youtube: 92,3%


Spoon – Idea, concept and content production
OhMy – Campaign site
Trickle – Distribution

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